Full Day Entity Framework Workshop Nov 2 at DevConnections

Friday, October 19 2012

There’s still time to register for my post-conference workshop at DevConnections.

VPS301: Entity Framework in the Enterprise: A Day of Guidance for Avoiding and Solving the Big Problems

Add'l Fee $425.00

Entity Framework’s default behaviors work wonderfully for demonstration or small applications. But once you start building large applications that will use EF in the data layer, you can quickly run into problems. Most often these are performance problems which can be the result of anything from poor data layer architecture to a simple misunderstanding of how EF works under the covers. EF guru Julie Lerman has been hired by many corporations to help developers and architects discover the causes and then fix underlying problems with how they are implementing Entity Framework. In this one day workshop, we’ll focus on some of the most common problems around architecture, scalability and performance that Julie has encountered while mentoring these development teams. You’ll learn what changes you can make in your apps to fix them as well as how to plan ahead when you are building new apps or moving legacy applications to Entity Framework.

The plan for this workshop is to be very interactive. Bring your problems, your laptops and even some code (that is okay for others to see). If you have a nasty performance issue that we could use to demonstrate getting to the source of the problem and provide suggestions for fixing it, contact Julie through her blog (http://thedatafarm.com/blog/contact/) by October 15.