Still thinking about DevTeach Montreal or my December 5th Entity Framework workshop?

Monday, November 24 2008

DevTeach is around the corner! Next week. There are pre-con workshops on Monday December 1st, the conference proper from Tuesday - Thursday and post-con workshops (including my Entity Framework workshop) on Friday December 5th.

DevTeach is a great conference. Montreal is a wonderful city and I love any excuse to get up there, even if it's a little chilly. (Hmm with the exchange rate right now, I should consider some Xmas shopping while I'm there!)

If you are still considering attending DevTeach but haven't committed yet, and the incredible list of speakers and content isn't enough, there are more incentives (how about VS2008 Pro, the TechEd 2008 DVD Set and Expression Web in the attendee bag) and discounts. And you don't have to order by midnight tonight ;-), but time is running out since the conference is next week!!

I've just done the EF Workshop in Las Vegas and came away from that with lots of ideas to make it more effective and am looking forward to teaching it again next Friday. This workshop is not just about how to build a model and drag and drop your way to WinForms and ASP.NET EntityDataSource bliss. You get the advantage of all of the time I have spent figuring out where the bumps, potholes and roadblocks are and I will provide you with a roadmap so that you can avoid them or at least recognize them quickly and know how to get deal with them. I'll also have all of my book samples at my disposal  where I have apps with Data Access Layers, a some WCF Solutions and more that we can look at.

I also have a pretty awesome raffle to give away - an MSDN Subscription (Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite with MSDN Premium)

So if you're on the fence about DevTeach, think again. And if you are curious about Entity Framework  - whether you are considering implementing the current version, want to understand how it fits within your enterprise or even just want to start learning now so that you plan ahead, I invite you to join me in Montreal.

If EF is not your thing there are a bunch of other awesome pre and post con workshops as well! Silverlight, WPF, Application Design, SQCLR, SQL Server Tuning. Check them out on the DevTeach site.

In addition to the workshop, I'll be teaching two EF sessions during the regular conference. One will be about Mapping in the Entity Data Model and the other will be a Deep Dive into Object Services where you can learn how to take more granular control over entity objects.

DevTeach 2008 Montreal

Microsoft’s new ADO.NET Entity Framework by Julia Lerman

Friday Dec. 5th, 2008, 09:00 - 17:00
Location: Marriott chateau Champlain
Room: Salon Viger A
Cost: 399.00$ CDN (today that's $325 USD)