Full Day Entity Framework Workshop, Las Vegas, Nov 10 2008

Monday, August 04 2008

This workshop is part of the DevConnections conference in Las Vegas.

The full day pre-conference workshop will be held on Monday, November 10th. It is part of the Data Access track that will be held throughout the conference.

VPR202: ADO.NET Entity Framework: 0-60 (9 AM - 4 PM)
Add'l Fee $399

Julia Lerman
This full day workshop will provide you with a more complete overview on ADO.NET Entity Framework, Microsoft's new core data platform, than you could possibly get in an handful of introductory sessions. In this workshop, you will learn what the Entity Framework is and how it fits into your application and enterprise architecture. We will begin with an introduction to the Entity Data model, how to build it, and how to implement it in its simplest form. Then you will learn how to take advantage of the true power of the Entity Data Model by creating customized mappings. You will learn how to query Entity Data Models using LINQ to Entities and Entity SQL with Object Services and stream data with Entity Client. The session will also explore some of the more complex features of object services as well as offer guidance as to when and where you will want to use the Entity Data Model and which of its core querying methods is right for different scenarios. Throughout the workshop we'll look at some practical applications of Entity Framework.


I will also be teaching sessions during the regular conference, including a Deep Dive into Entity Framework Object Services.