News about the 2nd Edition

Wednesday, April 28 2010

Programming Entity Framework 2nd Edition (based on the RTM of VS2010/.NET 4.0) is currently available on Safari Rough Cuts at

This is a complete rewrite of the book and includes not only the new features of Entity Framework, but chapters on unit testing, building repositories and even using Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVC applications. I've been working extra hard to be sure the book is current, not just a copy of the first edition.

We're hoping to have the book in print by mid-July.

You can subscribe to the Rough Cuts, pre-order the final edition on O'Reilly or on Amazon. There will also be a variety of digital versions of the final book.


Eyad said on 5.11.2010 at 7:18 AM

Hi Julie,

I'm new to the Entity Framework world. And I've noticed, while searching, you've written a great book (the first edition). So just a question please, do I need to get both books (1st and 2nd edition)

or the 2nd edition is sufficient.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regrads,