New book(s) status

Wednesday, November 09 2011

Rowan and are are doing double duty this week as we review the proof for the Code First book (Programming Entity Framework: Code First) and write chapters for the next book, Programming Entity Framework: DbContext.

The Code First book is already listed on O’Reilly’s website ( although they have it listed as 100 pages. HA! It’s closer to 175! Smile The book is also pre-listed on (here’s the direct link). You can get e-books (PDF, Mobi (for Kindle) and more) as well as a print-on-demand version from O’Reilly. Currently Amazon is only listing the print on demand but there will be a kindle version.

The e-books will be in color  (though with kindle, that depends on your device) and we have copy/pasted code directly from Visual Studio. This means that code samples will have the VS color syntax as well –in the e-books. Printed books will be b&w.

We’re also  working to get the chapter by chapter samples ready for downloads on the download page of this website. We’ll convert them to VB as well.

So I think we should be seeing this edition in a few more weeks. We’ve still got a bunch of writing, reviewing etc etc for the DbContext book.To get it out more quickly, we decided to focus the DbContext edition oh how to use DbContext and Validation API but not bog ourselves down with application patterns. the plan is to follow up with a cook book style edition that will use code first and dbcontext in a variety of application patterns …from drag & drop databinding, to using repositories, automated testing, services, MVVM etc.

And now I have to get *back* to reviewing that Code First book!


Greg said on 11.19.2011 at 1:02 PM

Great news. Really looking forward to seeing this one Julie. Thanks for the hard work.