2nd Edition (EF4) Table of Contents

Saturday, May 29 2010

We are closing in on finalizing the 2nd edition of Programming Entity Framework! Although the rough draft chapters are already available through Safari’s Rough Cuts program (here: http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596807252) I have been editing and reshaping the content since those chapters were published. You can get the final print edition (August 15th or perhaps a bit earlier) at O’Reilly or pre-order it here on Amazon.com (here) (and elsewhere of course!)

I believe that the book will end up being about the same length (app. 800 pages) as the first edition.

Here is the final chapter list:

Chapter 1, “Introducing the ADO.NET Entity Framework”

Chapter 2, “Exploring the Entity Data Model”

Chapter 3, “Querying Entity Data Models”

Chapter 4, “Exploring LINQ to Entities in Greater Depth”

Chapter 5, “Exploring Entity SQL in Greater Depth”

Chapter 6, “Modifying Entities and Saving Changes”

Chapter 7, “Using Stored Procedures with the EDM”

Chapter 8, “Implementing a More Real-World Model”

Chapter 9, “Data Binding with Windows Forms and WPF Applications”

Chapter 10, “Working with Object Services”

Chapter 11, “Customizing Entities”

Chapter 12, “Data Binding with RAD ASP.NET Applications”

Chapter 13, “Creating and Using POCO Entities

Chapter 14, “Customizing Entity Data Models Using the EDM Designer

Chapter 15: “Defining EDM Mappings That Are Not Supported by the Designer”

Chapter 16, “Working with Stored Procedures Without Function Mapping or Function Imports

Chapter 17, “Using EntityObjects in WCF Services”

Chapter 18, “Using POCOs and Self-Tracking Entities in WCF Services”

Chapter 19, “Working with Relationships and Associations”

Chapter 20, “Managing Connections, Transactions, Performance, and More for Real-World Applications

Chapter 21, “Manipulating Entities with ObjectStateManager and MetadataWorkspace”

Chapter 22, “Handling Exceptions”

Chapter 23, “Planning for Concurrency Problems”

Chapter 24, “Building Persistent Ignorant, Testable Applications”

Chapter 25, “Domain Centric Modeling ”

Chapter 26, “Using Entities in n-Tier Client-Side Applications”

Chapter 27, “Building n-Tier Web Applications”

Appendix A, “Entity Framework Assemblies and Namespaces”

Appendix B, “Data-Binding with Complex Types”

Appendix C, “Additional Details about Entity Data Model Metadata”


Beaux said on 6.11.2010 at 2:18 AM

When will the rough cuts online version be updated with the latest content? It hasn't been updated since April 10th! An update to those that purchased the rough cuts license would be much appreciated!


Peter said on 6.11.2010 at 7:17 AM

An update to the rough cuts would be much appreciated, too!

Julia Lerman said on 6.12.2010 at 10:29 AM

I sent the last three chapters to OReilly a while ago. I will find out why they aren't on safari yet. When the final edition of the book is out, RC subscribers will be able to download a PDF of the final version. I believe that when the 1st edition was released, they had a one month window to do so.